Radiant Flow

Embrace the evolution of an ancient practice, explore a Yoga of our time

Radiant Flow is the synergy of ancient Yoga wisdom and innovative movement practice.
Explore a beautiful and graceful flow based Yoga practice inspired by the energetic Vinyasa teachings.
Awaken the pulse of your life force to bring energy, vibrancy and aliveness to your practice.
Go beyond repetition of static poses to explore liberating teachings on fluid movement and creative sequencing.

Cultivate your inner radiance and shine! 

Training Program 

Are you interested to deepen your practice or to expand your teaching skills? 
Study and embody the wisdom of the flow-based Yoga lineage
in a unique journey filled with many wisdom jewels. 

Awaken the Pulse

Awaken the pulse of your Life Force, ‘Prana’ through the transformative practices
of dynamic breath and energy-work. Deepen your study of energetic alignment
to bring vibrancy and aliveness to your practice. 

Embody Your Freedom

Experience the fusion of profound stillness and intelligent movement 

Go beyond repetition of static poses to explore liberating teachings on fluid movement and creative sequencing. 
Enrich your understanding of cyclic wisdom from the Vinyasa lineage.
Learn to live in sync with the flow of the seasons and to balance your own Solar (Yang) and Lunar (Yin) energy.
Explore creative pathways to different families of peak poses as you deepen your study of the art of sequencing. 

Live your Love

Deepen your study and integration of the subtle body. 
Learn to refine your practice & teaching through integration of the 7 chakras and the 5 elements. 
Explore the Bhakti Yoga teachings on divine love and devotional service.
Expand your compassion and kindness to reveal your mystic heart. 

Core Program

The core program is offered through a series of unique & innovative 25 hour live in-studio modules.
These modules are hosted by the Yoga studios we work in partnership with.
All modules can be done as immersions to deepen your practice
or to deepen your teaching skills and to work toward one of our certifications
Teacher trainees are invited to complete the online components hosted on the online platform
and to deliver a homework assignment to qualify for certification credits

Radiant Flow | 25hr trainings 

The Art of Flow

Essential Teachings of Energetic alignment & Flow

Earth Body & Soul

Grounding Flow & Ayurvedic Self care

Passion & Grace

Fluid Movement & Creative sequencing

Spiritual Warrior

Fire cultivation, Core power & Arm balances 4 all

Alchemy of Love

Heart opening Bhakti flow & Transformative breathwork

Meditation in Action

Free-Form Yoga, Movement meditation & Mantra magic

Modern Mystic

Embodied philosophy & Ritual practice

Upcoming dates

Passion & Grace 25 hr training

Utrecht @ Yogamoves studio 8 – 10 April | Details HERE

Amsterdam @ De Nieuwe Yoga School 24 – 26 June | (registration opening soon)

More training dates will be added for 2022 – 2023. Please check website, newsletter &
feel free to contact us with any queries.

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