Teacher Training

Living in Flow

Lunar (Yin) and Solar (Yang) Flow Training Programs

Deepen your studies of both the Yin and Yang aspects of Flow during these expert Flow trainings.
Learn how a holistic Flow practice can bring energy, balance and harmony to all aspects of your life.
Enrich your practice, deepen your embodiment and enhance your (teaching) skills as you explore these transformative and liberating teachings.
Simon’s teachings are based on his life long experience of Yoga, movement & dance and his studies with some of the leading pioneers within the global Flow culture.

Embrace the evolution of an ancient practice by exploring a Yoga for our time.

Simon offers 100 hour certification programs in both the solar and lunar aspects of Flow Practice.

Each 100 hour program consists of 2 x 50 hour studies. All 50 hour studies can be done independently for students who are not following the full (100 hr) Certification Program. These trainings can be followed for your own personal immersion, to deepen your personal practice or as  expert training to enhance your skills as a teacher.

Radiant Flow 100hr Solar (Yang) Flow Training Program


Shanti Flow 100hr Lunar (Yin) Flow Training Program


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