An unforgettable Yoga journey ~ in the comfort of your own home

Join us on a life changing journey from the comfort of your own home!

Enjoy a rich tapestry of teachings during this cycle of 12 deep and profound Yoga masterclasses aligned to the energetic quality of the seasons.

Experience both the solar (Yang) and lunar (Yin) pathways as part of this holistic Yoga cycle.
Explore creative pathways to different peak poses 
working with specific elements and chakras.

Go beyond static poses and dive into gracious and liberating teachings on fluid movement meditation.

Deepen your experience of the subtle aspects of breath and energy-work.
Embody the mystical teachings of Yoga during this transformative journey.

Start the full 12 month cycle at any time in the year! 

Receive access for 365 days to complete the full cycle of Masterclasses

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Enjoy masterclasses on the launch dates or in your own time

Live in sync, move with the seasons

Explore how rich and diverse Yoga can be through these innovative teachings that will transform your Yoga and help you evolve your practice to the next level!

Go beyond the repetition of the same old poses & sequences, learn to align your practice to the seasonal shifts during one complete year cycle

Sign up for a single masterclass, seasonal series or the full (R)evolve cycle

Early Summer Masterclass

The first masterclass of the Summer series is all about cultivating your roots & your wings. This is about cultivating personal empowerment and boundless freedom! Let yourself S H I N E

(R)EVOLVE | Early Summer  Masterclass
€17,00 ( €14.00 ex. btw)
Summer is the time we are supercharged with the abundance of light and Prana. Explore beyond your comfort zone. Discover how this kind of solar energetic practice can ignite your fire and help you access more of your unlimited potential, Jai!
Repeat as often as you like to embody and align with the energy of the early summer season.
Join the monthly livestream lecture and Q+A to deepen and enrich your practice!

Summer Series | 3 x Masterclasses

During this series of 3 Spring masterclasses you’ll align to the energy of the early, mid and late Summer season. Activate the flow of your Life energy, Prana and (re)awaken your zest for Life!

(R)EVOLVE Summer Series | 3 XL practices
€45 (€37.00 ex btw)
Monthly masterclasses launch on the 1st of each month.

Receive unlimited access to the masterclasses and course materials for 100 days from your date of registration.

Immerse yourself in the Summer series. Enjoy and repeat as often as you like.

Join the monthly livestream lecture and Q+A to deepen and enrich your practice!

(R)EVOLVE Full 1 Year Cycle

12 Masterclasses ~ €156 ( €129 ex btw)

Explore the full cycle of 12 revolutionary XL practices to enrich and evolve your practice to the next level!
Pre-register or step in at any time you like and get unlimited access for 365 Days from the date of your registration. Enjoy and repeat the practices as often as you like to immerse yourself in your (R)EVOLVE journey.

Join the monthly livestream lecture and Q+A to deepen and enrich your practice!

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