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    Online resources, practices and lectures for students and alumni Shanti Flow module | Slow Flow & Gentle Vinyasa

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    Earth is Part 1 of the Earth Water & Nectar | Online Shanti Flow Immersion. Explore the first level of Shanti Flow Yoga during this beautifully crafted practice with music specially composed by Avi Kishna (http://www.sarodbyavi.com). Cultivate and nurture your lunar (yin) quality during flow based practices for inner healing and regeneration . Earth ~ Slow down and come home to yourself during this grounding Slow Flow practice (70 min)

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    A Shanti Flow Yoga immersion ~ Explore the 3 levels of Shanti Flow Yoga during these 3 beautifully crafted practices with music specially composed by Avi Kishna

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    Video trainings, practices and study materials. For teachers who have followed the Art of Flow 50hr TT program.

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    Experience this XL Radiant Flow Yoga masterclass that will leave you uplifted and balanced. Simon offers this first masterclass for you to explore the balance of Sukha & Sthira (fluid movement & focussed stillness), the subtle nature of somatic embodiment and the integration of movement into the flow of asana practice.

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