Ancient Yoga teachings
Dynamic breath work 
Innovative movement practices

Experience the fusion of profound stillness and intelligent movement. Enrich your practice of Yoga poses with the gracious and liberating teachings of movement based practice. Honour the stillness that is at the heart of all movement and embrace all movement that is the expression of that heartfelt stillness. Explore consciousness in action as meditation in movement.
Embrace the evolution of an ancient practice by exploring a Yoga for our time.

Winter | online masterclass series

3 masterclasses to align with the early, mid and late Winter season.
During the Winter series we explore techniques and practices that will serve you to balance your sun and moon energy during the darkest months of the year. Learn to cultivate balanced inner fire and to nourish your reserves of immunity, inner healing and resilience.

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Join us for an unforgettable Yoga journey around the sun.
Move with the seasons, live in flow

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Simon is one of the leading Yoga teachers and teacher trainers based in the Netherlands. His unique and innovative flow based teachings are a synthesis of his life long study of asana/postural and movement based practices.

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