Description Masterclass

Description Masterclass

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Gear down for a slow and strong,
deep and sultry,
late summer XL practice.
A deep & organic sequence where flexibility & strength, Yin & Yang in perfect balance lead to some awesome peak posesGear down and drop into the deep, slow, sultry mood of late summer
During this XL practice we benefit from the long hot days that have left our bodies and minds feeling truly ‘baked’, relaxed and open. Get ready for a slow, juicy sequence that moves into some deep and delicious hip opening. Simultaneously you’ll cultivate your inner strength as we move towards some beautiful peak poses that require core, arm and shoulder strength.
This XL practice offers loads of prep in a beautiful sequence that unfolds organically towards low-to-the-ground arm balance koundiyasana (flying splits), the delicious seated visvamitrasana (compass pose) and awe-inspiring astavakrasana ( 8-angle pose)
This sequence truly is an experience of Yin and Yang complementing one another in balance & harmony.
As the long slow preparation unfolds you’ll build the required flexibility and strength organically and naturally.
Enjoy _||_
Keywords & themes
Gear down
Don’t force just flow

grounded & balanced fire

Key sequences & poses
Ardha chandrasana (half moon), Koundinyasana, (flying splits) Visvamitrasana (compass pose) Astavakrasana (8 angle pose)

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