Description Masterclass

Description Masterclass
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Slowly, gently, embody your flow..
The Autumn series of 3 masterclasses is dedicated to sharing the wonderfully liberating practices of Yoga as movement meditation.
Open yourself to the wondrous practices of ‘Sahaja’
The ecstatic art of moving and living spontaneously in a state of flow
Early Autumn Online Masterclass
This first Autumn masterclass offers a fluid journey through gentle vinyasa sequencing to release tension-holding from the joints, embody your flow and open to the experience of Yoga as movement meditation. Slow down, soften and open to the flow during this fluid pathway for grounding, harmonising & energetic balancing.

Autumn, the season of change calls us home from our wild summer adventures,
The leaves turn and color, their beauty a lesson in letting go

Autumn’s transition can agitate, cause restlessness and make us feel ungrounded and nervous. Ayurveda advises to balance the airy ‘Vata” nature of Autumn so we can feel centred, grounded and focussed.
Movement is a teacher! and a wonderful way to harmonise our inner energetic – flow with the changes happening in the outside world during this Autumn transition. Experience the balance of Yin & Yang during fluid Yoga sequencing and holistic movement integration. As this progressive sequence unfolds organically it will draw you deeper into a state of flow. Through the integration of dynamic breathwork, mudra vinyasa, fluid asanas and movement meditations this practice invokes a deep feeling of fluid connectedness and harmony between all levels of your self.
Moving into dynamic stillness this practice leads towards a deep and soulful closing floor sequence with longer holds & deeper opening as we move towards the ecstatic peak pose culmination.
This practice can be done as stand-alone. It also serves as a good preparation for the next levels of movement meditation immersion during the following two masterclasses of the Autumn series. Link to the full Autumn series HERE
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softening, grounding, opening to the flow
vata balancing
fluid integration
movement meditation
poses and mudras
slayer mudra
mudra vinyasa
shoulder & heart opening
Marichyasana 1
Wild thing variations and mermaid flow
Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana
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