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(R)EVOLVE | Early Spring Masterclass


Spring has sprung!
Enjoy the renewal of life all around you. At this beautiful time of year you can feel a surge of new energy rising through you. Let’s channel this energy into our practice and open to the flow of the life force, Prana! Experience and embody the essential teachings of energetic practice. This masterclass includes more dynamic breath  and energy-work to invoke the root energy to rise from  the pelvis and flow upward through the spine to cultivate lightness and freedom.  Embrace renewal and rebirth, embody the rising energy of Spring.
ROOT while you RISE

We can easily be swept away by the enthusiasm and renewed vigour that comes with this time of year. This practice integrates grounding and softening practices to help you stay grounded and close to yourself while you ride the wave of rising energy . Explore  the integration of fluid movement and cultivate ease as you  flow through a series of dynamic sequences toward more challenging poses.

Sequence includes
Opening Surya ( Sun) invocation
‘Har’ kriya meditation for awakening root energy
Pelvic and naval energy activation
Fluid bandha and core energy activation
Creative sequencing and fluid movement integration
Integration of pranayamas into the flow of practice
cyclic kramas towards peak poses
relaxation and closing meditation


includes: Down dog scorpion variations,  anjaneyanasana ( low lunge) backbend variations, standing splits, Standing parivritta hasta padangusthasana (Revolved hand to big toe) gomukhasana (cow face),, pincha mayurasana (Forearm balance)  ustrasanaKeywords 

Rebirth, Renewal, Fluidity, Lightness, Creative Flow.Themes

Svadisthana chakra, Water element, Shakti rising,
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