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(R)EVOLVE | Middle of Spring Masterclass

Purify and Pranafy!
Awaken the pulse of your life force & activate your subtle body during this dynamic breath work & flow masterclass.

(R)EVOLVE | Middle of  Spring Masterclass

(See the page with all info about the full (R)EVOLVE Project HERE)

Dynamic breath work is the basis of all of my practices and teachings, a way to feel the pulse of the life force in every cell of your body! Learn to ride the waves of Prana as you move from the energy of breath. Experience a sublime feeling of pure energy as well as a deep harmony between body, mind and breath.
Experience breath work-in-flow that is practised in movement as a holistic, energetic, whole-body-workout. Breath work has become very popular but most breath work systems are done sitting or lying down. This is an entirely different practice.
A holistic and accessible energetic workout
These energetic practices can be intense and wonderfully transformative but they are also very accessible. There’s no need for specific physical flexibility or strength & anyone can learn it. During this practice you will experience dynamic breath work as a complete workout for your body, mind, and energetic activation.
These practices are also a great way to prepare for the practice of Yoga.
Out of the box
Ever since I started practicing yoga seriously, I felt I needed to break out of the box of stuck, static practice. It’s been a long journey and many teachers have contributed to my understanding of breath work and the inner practices that ignite the flow of Prana, the life force! Give it a try, these techniques can radically transform your Yoga practice. During this masterclass we transition gradually from breath and energy work towards Yoga asana sequencing.  With the help of the energetic preparation you will be able to feel the circulation of breath & Prana during your your asana practice, a VERY enlivening experience!
This one is for YOU
Give yourself the gift of this XL practice as a mini retreat in the comfort of your own home.
The practice itself is not forceful and has a comfortable pace. You will experience your breath, your physical and subtle body opening organically as you flow seamlessly through this sequence. There are a comfortable number of pauses to help you stay grounded, meditative and to integrate the effects of the practices.
Be prepared
During the intro video there are some tips about preparation for this practice.
This practice will require 3 hours and is best done in the morning hours if possible.
I hope this practice will leave you feeling energised, pranafied as well as harmonised and balanced.
E N J O Y ! 🙂
Om Pranaye namah!


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