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(Revolve) | Early Summer Masterclass


A time to shine!

The first masterclass  of the Summer series is all about cultivating your roots & your wings. This is about finding that balance between your personal empowerment and your boundless freedom! Root down to awaken your earth warrior and then have the courage to open yourself fully!
Explore creative & empowering Warrior flow namaskars with several variations of Japanese sumo step and Skanda Warrior flows.  This playful and empowering XL practice is comfortably paced, giving you time to repeat new movements and offering different options for all levels of practitioners. The sequence is like a dynamo, organically building energy and moving through cycles of preparation towards the final thrilling peak pose-  Vasisthasana level2.
This challenging practice is an invitation to people of all levels to gear up and awaken your potential. Embody your power and your radiance as you sync to this time of radiant summer energy. This practice is safe for all and the invitation to explore is offered respectfully with attention to safety for all levels of practitioners.
Summer is the time we are supercharged with the abundance of light and Prana. Come for the ride to explore beyond your comfort zone. Discover how this kind of solar energetic practice can ignite your fire and help you access more of your unlimited potential, Jai!
empowerment freedom & radiance
Key sequencee & poses
warrior flow namaskars, skanda flows, bound ardha chandrasana, vasisthasana 2
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