Description Masterclass

Description Masterclass

Playfulness, Power and Freedom!
These are the 3 themes explored this mid summer masterclass. Here’s  your chance to explore some of the all-time favourite yoga peak poses and during this XL practice we have loads of  time to prep and set these poses up safely.
Enjoy this sequence that is loads of fun and challenging enough to take you to your edge. Cultivate fearlessness and courage to explore free-flying as we do loads of exercises to prepare you to turn your world upside down and get your weight on your arms.  The practice moves joyfully into some deep heart opening backbends and we close with a leap of faith into the all- time favourite pose for the ultimate taste  of freedom!

This sequence integrates some unique teachings on breath & energy work as well as some really useful and fun dynamic practices for getting into free flying.

Keywords & Themes
Playfulness, Power & Freedom

Key sequences & poses
Free flying, hand balancing, Urdhva Dhanurasana, Hanumanasana





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