Description | Mid Winter

Description | Mid Winter


A deep & soulful lunar journey, a fireplace for the soul deep inside Winter’s frosty embrace.
Drop deeper into Winter’s wisdom & immerse yourself in Winter’s embrace.

Soften deeper into the lunar (Yin) quality of flow based practice. Nourish yourself as you retreat deeper, grounding deeper to recharge and release. This practice invites more of Simon’s lunar (Yin) quality of Shanti Flow teachings into the flow of the (R)EVOLVE cycle. Balance your practice and release ambition as you accept, soften and release. Give yourself the gift of this mini-retreat in your own home to connect to inner sources of inspiration and guidance.

Deep and slow lunar journey towards parshva dhanurasana, marichyasana, (lunar) pigeon variations and supta upavisgta konasana,

Aum invocations, guided meditations and dynamic pranayamas integrated in the flow of practice.

Key Words
acceptance, surrender, recharging, retreating, cocooning, nourishing, retreating, grounding, integrating,

Muladhara chakra | Earth body | Inner connection | Receptivity | Trust

The journey is the goal,
letting go,
into Winter wonderland, we go ..


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