Welcome to the final chapter!
Of course you can step into the (R)evolve project at any time so this may be your first practice. If that be the case, well you’re jumping in at the deep-end and I’m wishing you a great trip 🙂
Don’t worry about a thing, it’s not that this episode has loads of crazy poses but it is unconventional in its’ approach, a fusion of fluid Yoga and explorative movement practices. I’m lovin’ it and I’m lovin’  sharing this work that for me has been a life changer, a liberation. Over time I have come to understand that this work is important and within the Yoga space this kind of work is part of a growing evolution, perhaps a revolution against the static, the rigid, overly masculine and even disembodied practice that is a big part of dominant modern Yoga culture.

Join the (r)evolution!
This practice will offer you a journey through different aspects of fluid and free -form yoga, dynamic breath-work and movement meditations.
Let go and let flow!
While this work is an invitation to embody your freedom it is a work in which you can grow, evolve. This is more than just a chance to do your own thing. These practices are full of details and are effective in releasing tension, this really can feel like a reset for body, nervous system and mind. The best thing you can do for this one is to come with an open heart and mind, be open to learn to experience and to release tight assed rigidity.

Preparing and offering this project, as a 1 year cycle of 12 online masterclasses has been a life changer. The cycle is now complete and the 12 online masterclasses will remain online on Yogasimon.com
A huge thanks to all who joined and supported making this happen. If you’re new here, take a look around. There is a masterclass for every month of the year, each synchronised to the energy of the specific month and season. I’m delighted to have been able to offer so many different aspects and flavours of the rich tradition of energetic flow, breath-work and movement practice.

(See the page with all info about the full (R)EVOLVE Project HERE)

Stay tuned there’s more to come ..
For now, have fun and I’ll see you on the other side:-)
Simon & team YS

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