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Feel good Yoga
During this sequence we are not working towards a specific peak pose but instead, we enjoy opening the body in all directions. Awaken and circulate the flow of Prana, vital energy in all five directions. Experience the balance between groundedness, lightness, centered focussed stillness as well as radiant aliveness during this XL sequence dedicated to your energetic balancing and holistic well-being.
Rekindle your sense of ‘adbhuta’ (awe and wonder) for the miracle we see around us as Spring, the time of beauty & new life. Dive into the flow and savour your practice, for the pure joy of it.
You Time
Make it special, give yourself this practice as a mini retreat in the comfort of your own home.
Embody your freedom and honour your flow  as well as make time for a reflection, mantra and meditation.
This is an invitation to you.
Connect to your gratitude, release ambition & be glorious as you close this beautiful season, Spring
Masterclass: 2hr 30 min
Followed by closing relaxation and meditation.
Sequence & poses
sequencing toward ardha chandrasana, parshva konasana, koundinyasa variations, bakasana, parivritta trikonasana, parshvottanasana, parshva janusirsasana and supine
Integration of dynamic breath work, pranayama, guided meditations and satsang in the seamless flow of practice.

About the instructor

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Simon Rowe

Simon is one of the leading Yoga teachers and teacher trainers based in the Netherlands. His unique and innovative flow based teachings are a synthesis of his life long study of asana/postural and movement based practices.

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Course Curriculum

Welcome 00:05:00
Preparation 00:15:00
Intro Masterclass FREE 00:03:00
Late Spring Masterclass 02:45:00
Late Spring Livestream and Q&A 00:55:00

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