Earth Water & Nectar | Online Shanti Flow Immersion

 Explore the three levels of Shanti Flow Yoga during three beautifully crafted practices with music specially composed by Avi Kishna.( Cultivate and nurture your lunar (yin) quality during flow based practices for inner healing and regeneration .

Earth ~ Slow down and come home to yourself during this grounding Slow Flow practice (70 min)
Water ~ Release all rigidity and open to the flow of grace during this softening Gentle Vinyasa practice (100 min)
Nectar ~ Move from a place of sweet surrender and ease as you dive into fluid Yin and movement meditation (110 min)

Simon offers satsang and guided meditations during each practice to lead you deeper into the embodiment and feeling state (bhav) of these 3 levels of practice. Want to dive deeper into Shanti Flow yoga? Simon offers a 100hr Shanti Flow (teacher) training starting end March 2021. Find out more here –

This course is available to you for 3 months starting from the date of your registration and payment.




About the instructor

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Simon Rowe

Simon is one of the leading Yoga teachers and teacher trainers based in the Netherlands. His unique and innovative flow based teachings are a synthesis of his life long study of asana/postural and movement based practices.

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Course Curriculum

Preparation 00:30:00
Diving in 00:10:00
Earth 01:15:00
Water 01:50:00
Nectar 01:50:00
Closing FREE 00:25:00

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  1. Water - second part


    Just did the second part. its super relaxing and flowing slow. thanks so much . curious for the Nectar.
    Music and voice suit perfect together.

  2. The true inner healing


    Dive into the 6 weeks shanti flow practice is one of the best thing happened during the second lockdown in Singapore. Thanks Simon for guided these 3 practices of earth, water and nectar in such a beautiful way. As an avid practitioner of ashtanga yoga, Shanti flow is a totally different practice for me. Earth and Nectar are my favourites, it calms the mind and eases the soreness in the body; while Water practice is a little challenging, soften the body and move fluidly is not as easy as I thought.

    Through the all 3 practices, the body started to appreciate a softer practice, enjoy each deep breath in and slow breath out, dive into the subtle movement of each breath, get closer to the earth, feeling grounded. I love shanti flow as we don’t have to force into a specific shape , it’s all about relaxing back and melt into whatever shape the body leads to. That’s such a wonderful feeling to just be. The slow and gentle movements in shanti flow brings true inner healing. Each practice I feel I’m dropping into the sacred space, where there’s nothing to be fixed, there’s no need to be more flexible or stronger, everything begins with peace, from there the real power appears.

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