Smart Sequencing

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Study the essential teachings of Smart Sequencing. Learn to build safe and intelligently designed classes for your self practice and for your teaching.

The essential tools

During this Level 1 Sequencing Training Simon offers the essential tools to give you a solid foundation in sequencing. Learn to sequence logically according to the Krama system. (logical and intelligent ordering of poses leading toward a peak pose.)

Energy and Flow

Simon shares his own unique teachings on energetic activation, dynamic breath-work and offers techniques for mastering the practice of synchronising breath and movement. Learn how to create and sustain a state of Flow and to build sequences that invoke a deeper state of inner connection. Teachings offered during this course are inspired by ancient and traditional practices from the Krishnamacarya Vi-nyasa tradition as well as by more modern and innovative approaches to sequencing. Simon focusses on the physical as well as subtle energetic aspects of practice to give you a deeper insight into the amazing science of Yoga Sequencing.

Going deeper

Also included in this course are teachings on modifying the Surya Namaskar, counterposing, unpacking peak poses, pose modifications, rhythm and flow. Simon weaves philosophical teachings into his explanations offering insight into subjects such as karma, samkalpa ( intention), parinamavada (impermanence) and sacred practice. Take your practice and teaching to the next level, support yourself and your students by learning to create Smart Sequences 🙂


At the end of the course you will have the option to choose for the certification process as an add-on. This includes a homework project, evaluation and a personal meeting for feedback. Completing the homework project successfully gives eligibility for your 15 hr Smart Sequencing certification. ( Once completed, this training can be counted toward Yoga Alliance – Yacep and/or Yogasimon Teacher Training Programs)



About the instructor

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Simon Rowe

Simon is one of the leading Yoga teachers and teacher trainers based in the Netherlands. His unique and innovative flow based teachings are a synthesis of his life long study of asana/postural and movement based practices.

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Course Curriculum

Setting the Space 00:15:00
Opening 00:05:00
Entering the Practice
Preparing 00:05:00
Beginning 00:30:00
Awakening 00:27:00
Namaskar ***Click the names to see the FREE VIDEOS***
Intro to Surya FREE 00:20:00
Preparing Surya FREE 01:10:00
Variations & Warm up FREE 00:05:00
Smart Surya FREE 00:10:00
Rhythm & Flow FREE 00:25:00
Surya B 00:30:00
Sequencing | History & Philosophy
Wisdom of the forest 00:23:00
Sri Krishnamacharya | Tools for Life 00:10:00
Ashtanga & beyond 00:15:00
Smart Sequencing
The Science of Sequencing 00:35:00
Alignment matters 00:20:00
Dancing Warrior 00:25:00
Coronal poses 00:35:00
Assignment ~ it’s your turn 00:37:00
Smart Sequencing part 2
Unpacking your asanas & assignment 2 00:10:00
Refining your skills 00:20:00
Time Out 00:10:00
Peak pose 1 00:25:00
Mapping out the journey 00:20:00
Roll out your mat | Final Practice 01:45:00
Smart Reader 01:30:00
Certification process 03:00:00

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  1. The solid foundation begins from here


    Thanks Simon for this wonderful course. I have been coming back to watch the teaching & practice every now and then within this few months. It is a basic yet real smart sequencing course which helps to continuously refine my sequencing skill in daily practice. I like Simon’s method of creating safe, creative and anatomically informed sequences which really build up a solid foundation for vinyasa practice. Look forward to the next online course which integrates Yin flow.

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