(R)EVOLVE Full Cycle

One year to change your life
Join us on a life changing  journey from the comfort of your own home

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Join any time you like  and you will receive unlimited access to a full 12 month cycle for 365 days starting from the date of your registration.

What you will receive
– Monthly masterclasses for 12 Months
– Monthly livestream lectures + Q&A with Simon
– Unlimited access for 365 Days
– (R)evolve online community & forum

Explore 12 masterclasses specifically aligned to the seasonal transitions during
one complete year cycle.
Experience both the solar (Yang) and lunar (Yin) pathways as part of this holistic Yoga cycle.
Explore creative pathways to different peak poses working with specific elements and chakras
related to the changes of the seasons.
Explore how rich and diverse Yoga can be through these innovative teachings
that will transform your perspective and help you evolve your practice to the next level!

  • Enjoy a rich tapestry of teachings during this cycle of 12 deep and profound guided Yoga journeys.
  • Go beyond static poses and dive into gracious and liberating teachings on fluid movement meditation
  • Deepen your experience of the subtle aspects of breath and energy-work
  • Embody the mystical teachings of Yoga during this transformative journey


About the instructor

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Simon Rowe

Simon is one of the leading Yoga teachers and teacher trainers based in the Netherlands. His unique and innovative flow based teachings are a synthesis of his life long study of asana/postural and movement based practices.

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Course Curriculum

Welcome 00:00:00
Preparation 00:15:00
Early Winter Masterclass
Intro Masterclass 00:04:00
Early Winter 02:15:00
Recording | Early Winter Livestream 00:00:00
Middle of Winter Masterclass
Description | Mid Winter 00:00:00
Intro 00:10:00
Middle of Winter Masterclass 02:30:00
Middle of Winter Livestream + Q&A 00:03:00
End of Winter
Description | End of Winter 00:10:00
Intro Masterclass 00:05:00
End of Winter Masterclass 02:30:00
End of Winter Livestream & Q&A 00:05:00
Spring Series
Spring is sprung! 00:05:00
Early Spring
Description Masterclass 00:05:00
Intro masterclass 00:00:00
Early Spring Masterclass 02:30:00
Livestream + Q&A 00:05:00
Middle of Spring
Welcome 00:05:00
Description masterclass 00:05:00
Intro masterclass 00:05:00
Middle of Spring Masterclass 03:00:00
Livestream and Q&A 00:45:00
Late Spring Masterclass
Welcome 00:05:00
Description 00:05:00
Intro Masterclass 00:05:00
Late Spring Masterclass 02:45:00
Livestream and Q&A 00:45:00
Summer Series | Early Summer
Welcome 00:05:00
Description Masterclass 00:05:00
Intro Masterclass 00:05:00
Early Summer Masterclass 02:30:00
Livestream and Q&A 00:45:00
Middle of Summer Masterclass
Welcome 00:05:00
Description Masterclass 00:05:00
Intro Masterclass 00:05:00
Middle of Summer Masterclass 02:40:00
Livestream and Q&A 00:30:00
Late Summer Masterclass
Welcome 00:05:00
Preparation 00:15:00
Description Masterclass 00:05:00
Intro to Late Summer Masterclass FREE 00:05:00
Late Summer Masterclass 02:40:00
Livestream and Q&A 00:40:00
Autumn Series | Early Autumn
Welcome 00:03:00
Description Masterclass 00:03:00
Intro Masterclass 00:05:00
Early Autumn Masterclass 03:00:00
Livestream and Q&A 00:35:00
Middle of Autumn Masterclass
Welcome 00:05:00
Description Masterclass 00:05:00
Intro Masterclass 00:00:00
Middle of Autumn Masterclass 03:00:00
Livestream and Q&A 00:40:00
Late Autumn Masterclass
Description Masterclass 00:05:00
Late Autumn Masterclass 02:30:00

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